Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Back In Business

Hey dolls,

Just a quick update.... For your wardrobe enhancing and styling needs, I'm available again :)

Contact me for rates



Monday, January 2, 2012


Ok so I definitely want to add these Giuseppe's to my shoe collection.
Looove them :)

Saturday, December 31, 2011

It's The End Of 2011!!

Ok so I totally did NOT make a resolution. No I'm gonna go to the gym more because Lord knows I'll be out of my contract by Feb lol. No I'm letting go of this and that because I already did that a long time ago! I just really look forward to what the year has in store for me :)

Hopefully I'll spend more time with my loved ones, and less time being too busy to do anything. I definitely need to relax more.

Ok time to countdown my Top Moments of the year (Good & Bad)

In No Particular Order.....

10. Fashion Week in NYC <3 it! 2 snaps in a Z *snap snap*

09. My Weekend trips with my girls (especially when it was for biz) <3 it! Standing ovation *clap clap clap* Encore! Encore! 

08. Jill Marie Jones tweeting me :) <3 it! (shut up ya I love her)

07. Getting rid of the Ex for good <3 it! Enough said.

06. Finding a new job and realizing it was the worst move ever. Hated it!

05. Christmas with Fam <3 it! Never got to do it on the actual day :(

04. Working with Zarii Designs. So much has happened this year <3

03. My jet ski accident...Hated it! After physical therapy and court never again!

02. Catching up with old friends and meeting a few new ones <3 it!

01. Starting this blog <3 it! A triple snap in a circle while doing the tootsie roll :)

Of course there was more to my year, I just wanted to share just a lil bit lol. Overall I'd say I had a pretty good year, and next year's countdown will be even better <3


Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Quick Updates

I know, it's been forever. Your fav princess has been busy I still heart everyone <3

So what's been going on with me ....hmmm oh yeah aside from being the Marketing Director with Zarii Designs, I got a new job working in Fashion! *throws confetti* 

Also, super excited about Zarii now selling exclusive items in Studio 85 in NW DC! *stupid dope major moves*

The new year will be crazy busy BUT crazy fun! I promise to keep the updates coming!

I'm super tired, and it's super late, so I'll be drifting off into dreamland pretty soon sooooo......GN loves!



Saturday, September 17, 2011

New York Fashion Week

Ok, here's my experience of NYFW....

First things first, I was extremely tired arriving to NY at 2am with tissue shoved in my right nostril, because of my cold. I'm not even going to speak about the crap I had to deal with when I arrived to my hotel. Lets just say I was not a happy princess and they saw my attitude. Anyway, even through my stuffy nose, sore throat, and debate with the front desk I was still very much excited about the presentation in the am!

I had the pleasure of attending a Pink Tartan presentation during NYFW with CeCe. Team ZariiDesigns was definitely in the building! I loved the show BTW. Inside the Lincoln Center was craziness and fashion, but believe it or not I had even more fun outside lol. I'm talkin pictures, interviews, fashion, fashion, and you guessed it fashion.

I was surprised people wanted to take my pic and interview me...what am I a celeb or something?? Ha! Anyway, thank God I knew about how to give a great interview, and to always always ALWAYS remember what designer(s) you're wearing.

I definitely would have stayed longer, but of course I had to head back home to DC.

Here's a collection of pics I took inside and of the awesome fashionable people I captured outside...oh and myself of course ;)

**Sorry the pics are out of order! I'm on mobile blog alright...geesh ;)**

Kisses dolls!


Monday, September 5, 2011

Song Of The Day

So everyone knows Queen Bey's song Who Run The World (girls) right? If not, here's a link to it and PLEASE remove yourself from your rock you've been living under asap...

I chose this song for obvious reasons. Women are doing big things everywhere everyday. Now if only we can remove catty, vindictive, childish GIRLS a lot more would be accomplished. We would support each other more, instead of trying to tear others down. That's only in a perfect world we can only dream of *sigh* 



Are all friendships worth reconciling???

My answer to this question is simple.....NO!

Keep in mind that this is just my opinion, but seriously though all friendships are not even built on "realness". Sometimes people are only your friends for selfish reasons such as who you know and what you can do for them. With that being said, do you think staying friends with that person is worth it? 

Consider your age: People grow apart as they get older. You may have known your "best friend" since grade school, but are you still calling them your best friend, because they are or because you feel that you need to have some type of loyalty to them?  Some mature and get wiser, and some well...don't. That doesn't mean that you can't still have love for them. 

Consider your goals: If your goal is to become a successful human being, then you need to surround yourself with those that have the same drive and goals you do.

Consider your outlook on life in general: Maybe, just maybe you're not into the same things anymore and that's fine. This brings me back to you guys just growing apart. It's ok if you change. I'm not the same Toni I was five years ago, and I definitely won't apologize for it. I've grown up a lot, and my view on things have changed tremendously. 

My last thing to consider is how true is the friendship?? If you guys bicker and fight about everything, are you even friends? I know my friends and I have disagreements, but we're also adults and we know that we won't always agree on everything. It's a big difference between an argument/disagreement to a full out beef. Are you kidding me? Once you get to a certain age or place in your life, you need not "beef" with your friends. Open up your adult mouth, speak up, and express your feelings. 

I can go on and on about this subject, but I kept it short and sweet for you dolls :)